First 5 Staff Attend 2022 HOPE Summit

March 08, 2022

Many of First 5 Humboldt’s staff attended the virtual 2022 Annual HOPE Summit on March 8, 2022.  Workshops were offered by a wide range of diverse presenters and included Community Resilience, HOPE in Primary Care, Policy and Early Relational Health, Developing Relationships to Support Children and Families, Child Abuse Prevention, HOPE in Communities, Positive Community Norms, HOPE in Faith, and The Importance of Lived Experience.  

Just a few of the Featured Speakers: 

  • Dr. Wendy Ellis
  • Dr. Robert Sege
  • Dr. Dora Alvarez
  • Karen Howard
  • Jeff Linkenbach
  • Junlei Li, Ph.D.
HOPE looks at the original ACES study from the other side: What allowed those who experienced multiple ACES to survive, overcome and ultimately, thrive? The answers lie in the positive experiences and supports they recieved from individuals and community. 

The Four Building Blocks of HOPE

  1. Relationships
  2. Safe, Equitable, Stable Environment
  3. Social and Civic Engagement
  4. Emotional Growth

The HOPE model seeks to upend the often-seen “deficit model”

Too often, when we approach families, we first notice what “needs to be fixed” or what isn’t working. The HOPE model takes a strengths-and-relationships-based approach to capitalize on the family strengths already in evidence.

Dad and son smiling and roughhousing outside