For Our Partners

Our work depends on partnerships throughout our community.

All of our work is done in partnership with our community.

First 5 Humboldt is honored to partner with individuals and organizations throughout our community that are working to make a difference in the lives of Humboldt County children and families. From pediatricians and children’s mental health specialists, to child care providers and Playgroup sponsors, to County Public Health and the County Library, First 5 Humboldt both supports and depends on our partners to provide much needed services in our community. Their good work amplifies the investment by First 5 Humboldt and connects with families and communities throughout the county.

If you or your organization is already partnering with us, or is interested in doing so, we hope you will find these forms and resources useful.


Healing from Toxic Stress

August 2022 • Stories “If we all understand our role in being a source of buffering care to a young person in need, that is truly transformative. ACEs…
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Self-Care Kits for Workshop Attendance

July 2022 • Stories
First 5 Humboldt sponsored an evening workshop presented by Nature Explore for Childcare Providers during our Spring 2022 Symposium. The “Heart Centered Self-Care” workshop focused…
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