Using our Voice to Advocate for Children and Families.

Through listening and partnering with our hard-working parents, wise community members, and talented colleagues, we educate ourselves, then use our voice to advocate for meaningful change to the public policies and services which affect Humboldt’s children, families and community.

There are many issues impacting our state and county that demand policymakers’ attention. From the labor market to public health, housing to substance use disorder, the policy agenda can get crowded. Too often, the agenda focuses on the problems experienced by adults, without considering the impacts on young children. But our children are growing up within families and the communities that experience all of these challenges. Far from relying on the “resilience” of children, we need to focus our attention on creating healthy environments and safe communities now, so that our children can develop their full potential. First 5 Humboldt is a voice for young children and their families, for their whole experience: from family-friendly workplaces to safe, affordable housing; from equitable systems that serve all families to communities free of systemic racism; from accessible health care to affordable, quality child care. Our goal is to advocate for a Humboldt that nurtures all of its families and children, celebrating the rich diversity and wealth of knowledge and tradition that is our foundation.