Creating Tomorrow Together

First 5 Humboldt joins forces with families and partners so that our community can flourish.

We believe that the strength of our community is linked to the health of our youngest residents. Achieving a healthy community requires us to first acknowledge and celebrate the rich wisdom that is present in our local Indigenous communities, the lived experience of our families and communities, and the expertise of our community partners. We will realize Humboldt’s incredible potential when we work together to use all the strategies and systems-change levers available to us to achieve our shared goals. Partnership, advocacy, and funding all play a crucial role in addressing the needs of our unique community.

We work together with our partners to create a deep network of care to ensure that families have access to the resources they need to stay healthy, happy, and strong. By focusing on the entirety of the child’s and family’s well-being, we consider the larger, systemic issues that affect the wellness of our community. Then, we use our voice to be an agent for change so that the needs of children, their families, and our community are addressed in the public policy-making process. And we work with collaborative partners who know that what we do today matters for tomorrow, to use the resources available to us to strategically fund services that will make a long-term difference in the lives of those who make Humboldt their home.