Families Share Support and Experiences

July 28, 2021

“The simplest moments are often the most powerful.  As June rolled around, our temperatures went soaring into the 100s.  It was pivotal to allow Playgroup to operate indoors for health and safety reasons.  During our first indoor group, three parents discussed at length their extreme anxiety and depression due to social isolation, and their concern for their children’s mental health along with emotional and social growth. There were tears being shed and support being offered.  It was an amazing situation to witness. I was blown away by the honesty and humility these parents showed. Towards the end of the Playgroup, one parent stated, “I feel like playgroup is going to be the catalyst for my families shift from struggling to striving.  It couldn’t have began at a more pivotal time for us.”  This made me realize the importance of playgroup and the continued need for parent and children aged 0-5 support!”    ~Shared by a First 5 Playgroup Leader/Coordinator