Finding Connection During a Pandemic

July 28, 2021

How One Playgroup is Supporting Families While Keeping Safety in the Forefront

Close up of adult holding child's hand with background of sky

This story was shared by the Leaders and Coordinators of a First 5 Humboldt playgroup:

“Despite COVID-19, we’ve been able to continue to communicate with the families on a monthly basis and provide them with actives to do indoors. Our connections with these families through playgroup before covid is what contributed to these successes.

While we have missed having our weekly playgroup tremendously, something positive that’s come out of the pandemic was getting to know the families on a more intimate level. Being able to do home drop-offs in a time of such craziness was a great experience and families really welcomed it. We have one young child who really enjoyed our home visits. When we would stop by to drop something off, the child would run out of their house super excited to see us. This child’s caregiver referred to us as her teacher and would ask her, “Is that your teacher?” and the child would squeal with excitement. I believe through playgroup and our connections with this child, they will be more than ready to start school when it is their time. They associate schools and teachers with many positive things and is excited to be around the environment. I think this will be extremely beneficial once they do start school! We were also able to loan out our large water play table, to which this child and all of their cousins enjoyed countless hours of water fun in the sun. The child’s caregiver has been so thankful they have given us thank you cards on two separate occasions. They have also come to us when they needed help with resources and referrals. They are a great example of the power of community and how we have all worked to lift each other up during these trying times! We will be ready to welcome our families back with open arms very soon!”